Water Fountain

Water Features – Beautiful Garden Water Features


Imagine this – you are sitting in your garden on a beautiful sunny day, enjoying the peace and tranquillity around you. As you listen you can hear nothing but the chirping of birds and the sound of gently running water in the background.

This could be what you experience in your own garden if you decide to choose one of the many water features that are available to buy today. Water is essential for every garden. It helps the plants grow and it stops everything from drying out. But not everyone thinks of water in the sense of water features. Yet this can be a superb way to transform any garden and make it even more special.

Water Features

When you are thinking of having a water feature in your garden it is important to think about location before doing anything else. A water feature can mean anything from a small pond to a trickling water feature sitting in a flower bed, or even a water fountain water fountain that can be mounted on a wall.

As you can see it makes sense to think about what you want and where you want to put it before you buy anything. This will make the purchasing decision a lot easier to make.

Garden Water Features

Florence Fountain

Garden water features take pride of place in many gardens. They provide the perfect combination of a focal point, the sound of trickling water and a nice view to appreciate too.

The good news is that you don’t need a huge water feature to make the most of having water in your garden in this way. A very small free standing fountain or a wall mounted water feature can look equally appealing when you find the right place to position them.

Some people feel that the only way to have water in their gardens is to install a garden pond. While these can look wonderful and be a haven for various forms of wildlife, they also require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Thus a water feature can be simpler and easier to keep, while still giving you the essential look and sound of water that you want.

Water Fountains

Perugia Fountain Fountains are becoming more popular as a choice of water feature for the average garden too. When you think of a fountain you probably think of a huge public display. But this isn’t the only type of fountain you will find. Many websites and garden centres now sell wall mounted fountains that take up little space and yet offer a certain appeal in any type of garden.

Some of these designs are classics, such as the Milan fountain or the Perugia fountain for example. Others are designed to be more ornate and to sit in your chosen spot, such as the Rome fountain, which would look superb in the middle of a pathway or garden.

As you can see, whatever you want to get from your water features, you are bound to find something just right for your needs.